El Veterano

DJ FRENTU aka Henry Estilo has been sharing his talents since 1996. He was Born in Brooklyn, New York and lived in Flatbush.

His family roots are from San Jose de Las Matas, a beautiful town in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, he lived in Las Colinas, Santiago for 7 years.

He was always around music and at the age of 7 began to study at “El Centro de La Cultura” a well known music school established in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Henry is a Military Veteran having served as a SECURITY FORCES OFFICER in the U.S NAVY in 2006, he is also a 3rd generation Barber.

DJ FRENTU también conocido como Henry Estilo a estado compartiendo sus talentos desde el 1996. Nació en Brooklyn, New York y vivio en el sector de Flatbush. 

Sus raices familiares provienen de San Jose De Las Matas, un hermoso pueblo en las montańas de la Republica Dominicana, vivio en las Colinas, Santiago por 7 años.

El siempre estaba rodeado de música y a la edad de 7 empezó a estudiar en “EL CENTRO DE LA CULTURA” una escuela de música bien establecída en la ciudad De Santiago.

Henry es un Veterano Militar habiendo servido en las FUERZAS DE SEGURIDAD de la Marina de Guerra en el 2006, ademas es un barbero de tercera generación.

Musical Influences

His musical influences come from listening to Hip Hop in New York and Merengue in the Dominican Republic.

He began to explore his interest on becoming a DJ doing local private events for family and friends and by the age of 20 began getting offered gigs working at several Night Clubs in Long Island, NY.

In 2011 he moved to South Jersey where he made a name for himself doing private events and several clubs around Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

In 2014 DJ FRENTU joined a Brooklyn Based DJ Crew “BONCHEURBANO thanks to his good friend DJ FLOW WONDER, becoming a part of this Dj Family helped him to connect with good hearted people and also to learn about the cut throat mentality amongst Promoters and DJs in the music industry.

In 2019 He explored becoming a Radio DJ where His Live Mix Show named “LA KURA DEL FRENTU” aired twice a week on a Local FM radio station in Connecticut named “LA IMPERIAL” 87.9 FM.

Stay tuned for dates and times of his shows posted on his Instagram @djfrentu